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Hospital Receivables Systems, Inc. is a Long Island based firm that has been in business for the last thirty years. We are a company that caters to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Upstate hospitals, rendering our expertise in No-Fault, Workers Compensation and Medicaid applications. Our product line includes both "in" and "out" patient billing services.  Our company has a staff of forty five people, with five attorneys in house to advise on legal procedure in No-Fault and Compensation law.  HRS objective is to maximize revenue for their client based hospitals.

The Medicaid division has been assisting hospitals with patient bedside and home interviews, obtaining the documentation from patients and delivery of a completed Medicaid application to the Department of Social Services in both New York and Upstate Counties. Over the years, HRS has developed an excellent rapport with all sectors at the Department of Social Services.  The Medicaid staff has been involved in continuing education procedures with the new Affordable Care Act.

Our billing services are electronic based, providing hospitals with outstanding monthly revenue.

Hospital Receivables Systems is truly your Prescription for Financial Health!

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